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CSOM Writing Rubric (Summary)

Carlson School faculty have developed a rubric-- a document that articulates expectations for writing assignments by listing criteria and describing levels of quality from excellent to poor.  Rubrics are often used to grade student work but also to help students make dependable judgments about the quality of their own work. Students are encouraged to use rubrics in many of the same ways that instructors use them—to clarify the standards for a quality performance.  

The sections of the CSOM rubric are divided into four categories:  Clarity, persuasion, analysis, and language/format:  


  • Articulates a position in a central thesis
  • Summarizes ideas, texts, or events effectively
  • Communicates information using graphics and/or visuals that are appropriate to the audience and content


  • Employs audience-relevant theories, concepts, data and/or evidence to justify conclusions or   
  • recommendations
  • Bases argument and conclusions on situational and/or organizational context
  • Recognizes and addresses counterarguments or alternatives


  • Identifies an organization's key competencies using an analytical framework
  • Bases analysis on disciplinary theories


  • Effectively organized—puts most important arguments first; sequences persuasively
  • Is designed for easy reading (skimming, headings, bullets)
  • Uses plain English; avoids unnecessary words
  • Uses an engaging style
  • Uses correct grammar, spelling, and mechanics
  • Uses correct citation formatting to provide source information


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Full CSOM Writing Rubric


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